Oil Rig

Oil Rig
Oil Rig (3ds Max). Rendered (Vue) by Mr.Vanyaba (http://vanyaba.blogspot.com)

четверг, 9 июня 2011 г.

Zbrush - Modeling a Boxer

Today I have seen some Zbrush tutorials and now I understand some realy simple things in this program. Couple of years ago I couldn`t even thought that modeling of a clay personage can be so easy.
First of all I've created an armature sceleton from Zspheres - it is like bones in 3DS max or ane 3D program.
Mooving Zspheres in any direction I can control the length and width of a bone. I can turn it, scale, or rotate.
Later I've created a "muscules" of my Boxer.
This looks like the sculptor creates a "mass" on wires. After pressing "Shift A" I can paint "mass" on armatures with Zspheres. During "massing" I can control the body. When I press "A" I can see what happens with my mesh. It looks like this:
Then I create a polymesh, and add some devides for sculpting

Later I want to add cloth and boots.
Today I`ve made a retopology:

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