Oil Rig

Oil Rig
Oil Rig (3ds Max). Rendered (Vue) by Mr.Vanyaba (http://vanyaba.blogspot.com)

пятница, 24 июня 2011 г.

A test task - to make a scene like picture on a site

A test task
A test task - to make a scene like picture on a site (www.mtm-direct.ru)

New clay renders

Oil rig


Hoover dam

New spaceship concept for the project Aktyon (Autumn 2009)

Retopology of autos

Created for the project CARDS (www.asfcards.net.ua)
All cars are 7k to 16k polygons
All models are unwarped

четверг, 9 июня 2011 г.

Portraits from my friend Roman Kashpor

Couple of monthes ago my friend Roman Kashpor (www.kashpor.blogspot.com) desided to start a serie of caricatures of his friends.
First of all hi started from Ivan Evchin. Here is a picture:
Ivan is a great Maya animator and riger.
Then hi desided to paint me:
Hi thought it was funny and then hi added some caricatures:

Last one - is my favourite. Watch the news on his blog www.kashpor.blogspot.com

Zbrush - Modeling a Boxer

Today I have seen some Zbrush tutorials and now I understand some realy simple things in this program. Couple of years ago I couldn`t even thought that modeling of a clay personage can be so easy.
First of all I've created an armature sceleton from Zspheres - it is like bones in 3DS max or ane 3D program.
Mooving Zspheres in any direction I can control the length and width of a bone. I can turn it, scale, or rotate.
Later I've created a "muscules" of my Boxer.
This looks like the sculptor creates a "mass" on wires. After pressing "Shift A" I can paint "mass" on armatures with Zspheres. During "massing" I can control the body. When I press "A" I can see what happens with my mesh. It looks like this:
Then I create a polymesh, and add some devides for sculpting

Later I want to add cloth and boots.
Today I`ve made a retopology: